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The Wisdom of the Enneagram Workshop

apple-iconMoving Beyond Personality

When you first study the Enneagram, you discover the fascinating world of personality types.  As you recognize yourself, loved ones, and colleagues, fleshed-out with such depth and accuracy, you can’t help feeling awed and amazed.

Yet at a deeper level, the Enneagram tells you about the relationship between your personality and your Essence, or spirit. This Workshop focuses on exercises to help you see through the veils of your personality to have a more direct experience of your true spiritual nature.  You see the personality types as nine different aspects of human nature that we all have — regardless of our type. You uncover the spiritual gifts of each type.  You see how these different parts of yourself manifest in your life.  And how they can lead you to deeper inner resources and lasting joy.

This Workshop features exercises for each type, as well as music, meditations, and practices that will help bring your Centers of intelligence (Thinking, Feeling, and Doing) into greater alignment with your spiritual nature.  If you are interested in finding more effective ways of using the Enneagram in your spiritual practice, or if you are interested in exploring the underlying meaning and wisdom of the Enneagram, this Workshop is highly relevant for you.