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Using The Enneagram’s Hornevian and Harmonic Groups to Get What You Need

In this one-day workshop, Riso and Hudson’s three Hornevian and Harmonic Groups offer some elegant solutions to our very real human dramas.  You’ll discover your Social Style and main strategies for getting your needs met.  Find out how you normally act in social situations. And how to deal effectively with setbacks and conflicts.
You’ll learn the pros and cons of defending yourself with your preferred coping style.  And how to adopt all three Hornevian and Harmonic styles to skillfully navigate relationships and social situations — especially when “the yogurt hits the fan,” including:
•  What coping strategies each type emphasizes — and ignores
•  The hidden agenda behind your strategy — and how to use it to resolve conflict
•  How each type manipulates feelings to deal with stress
•  How to use your main defense mechanism to expand your self-awareness

Somatic exercises, music, and self-inquiry help the information to “land” in all three centers of intelligence — head, heart, and belly.


Saturday, July 19, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

CEUs: 6 hours of instruction with 1 hour for lunch

(California Board of Behavioral Sciences PCE #2829)


Vanguard University, 55 Fair Drive, Heath Academic Center,

classroom 108 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Map: http://www.vanguard.edu/about/campus-tour/campus-map


$90 (CEUs add $15)

1.  With credit card or Paypal, go to www.enneagramoc.com  and click REGISTER

 2. Write a check payable to EIOC and send to:

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