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“Your talk was fascinating and informative.  I especially liked how you presented the nine personality types and the strengths and challenges each bring to the team environment.  Thank you again for the excellent program.  We received extraordinary numbers of positive feedback.”

– Sue Price, Corporate Occupational Health Nurse Allergan

“The work session we did with The Enneagram Institute of Orange County helped me to be more aware of my strengths and weaknesses as well as how best to work with other Enneagram types.  I was able to apply what I learned not only when dealing in conflicts but also in everyday communications with internal teams.”

– Cynthia Otteson, Associate Media Director interTrend Communications, Inc.

“Lisa presented leadership skills to one of my Forum group of CEO’s after they had taken the Enneagram assessment.  The presentation was very insightful for my members & helped them with their leadership blind spots and understanding better how to lead their organizations with a better understanding of their own individual leadership styles.”

 – Ron Penland, President / Owner Renaissance Executive Forums – Inland Empire

“What an interesting class on personality types!  Everyone working in organizations could benefit from this class.  It really helped me to understand why people do the things they do — and it gave me better options for how to relate and communicate with others.”

– Steve Josephson, Artistic Director, Gallimaufry Performing Arts

“Lisa is the first public speaker I’d call for team building and personal development.  She’s dynamic, engaging, and insightful.  Her work transforms lives.”

– Reverend Diane Wolcott Watson, Center for Prosperous Living 


“She’s tops!  Totally fun, sincere, passionate, informative.”

– Anthony B.

“The instructor was VERY knowledgeable, but not pretentions.  Excellent presenter.  Very Insightful.  Incorporated within her body and presentation her ‘transformed self’ – excellent example of that possibility for us”

– Janet G.

“Lisa’s knowledge and candor in teaching the class were most enjoyable, interesting, and useful.  She’s authentic, peaceful, fun-loving.”

– Katie D.

“Very organized, kept on target.  At the same time, knowledgeable, open, heard each person, interesting.”

– Judith T.

“Very insightful.  You can feel that her knowledge is much wider than the workshop.  Very good teaching style.  I got a couple of real insights about my personal history and even a small breakthrough.  A real treat for a two-day seminar.”

– Erkki V.

“Lisa’s extensive experience makes her presentation extraordinary.”

– JoAnn N.

“I loved Lisa’s style.  Wonderful!”

– Fernando A.

“I felt Lisa is very effective!  Engaged us and listened and handled a situation that threatened to have us all hostage to someone going on and on.”

– Margaret S.

“I appreciated her attitude of compassion toward all of the different types.  There was a sensation of compassion and caring that permeated the entire workshop process and created an atmosphere that enabled individual growth.”

–  Ann J.


“Coaching sessions with Lisa really helped me get clear about what I wanted to do career-wise and with family issues.  Her style is focused, supportive, and insightful.”

– Carol Robinson, Crystal Cove Alliance

“Lisa’s classes, taught with humor and wisdom, and are an invaluable learning experience.  The Enneagram is a fascinating and profound system that has helped me change and grow. “

– Barbara Painter, Center for Global Peace and Prosperity

“Lisa Morrice is a dedicated, passionate teacher of the Enneagram.  Her presentation of the complexity of the Enneagram is comprehensive and understandable, not to mention engaging and entertaining.  Lisa brings energy and joy to her courses.  She is a role model, as she embodies the presence and compassion cultivated from integrating the wisdom of the Enneagram.  Lisa is committed to ensuring her students explore the experiential elements of the Enneagram that foster such qualities.”

– Chris Van Steenbergen, Legal Secretary Sheppard Mullin

“Lisa’s presentation materials are fabulous.  She includes music and pictures that convey more than words alone can.  Multi-modal teaching.  The exercises at the beginning of the class ensure that we’re present for the learning.  I’m taking any and all classes on the Enneagram that she offers.  Thank you so much.”

– Lauryl Sabaroff

“The class gave me a more in-depth look at close relationships in my life, offering tools for me to see myself and the way I respond from a different perspective.  Also, I gained greater insight into others’ thoughts and behaviors.  I appreciated the way the material was presented: with PowerPoint and music and tremendous joy.  Lisa’s style is interactive and her knowledge of the material is excellent — and she shares that information with great authority.”

– Danell Wheeler, Minister, Common Ground of Corona