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Relationships bring us some of the most rewarding — and frustrating experiences of our lives.  The quality of our relationships impacts our happiness, self-esteem, and careers.  Yet, others often baffle us.  And what we don’t understand about others creates the greatest source of conflicts in our relationships. The Enneagram aids us tremendously in understanding our relationships.  It sheds light on the most important dynamics of our personality — and the personalities of those who are close to us.  It helps us realize who we are. What our greatest potentials are.  And helps us make sense of the sometimes confusing behavior of others. In this illuminating workshop, you will discover:
  • Powerful principles that make relationships work
  • Why relationship is the accurate measure of your maturity
  • How changing yourself changes your partner
  • 7 Key Points for improving all your relationships
  • 6 Big “Areas of Connection” you can have with others

Guided meditation, experiential exercises, music, colorful graphics, and panels of your peers help you recognize your strengths and blind spots in relationship to others.  If you want to improve communication and connection with the important people in your life, this class is for you.  Register for the workshop, click here.  To receive 18 hours of CEU’s, just add that at check out for only $25. Click here for more information about this workshop

EI Authorized Workshops JPEG2013


Crack the Code to understand yourself and others better

Check back for upcoming dates or email me for more information

Learn why you do what you do. How to do more of what works — and less of what doesn’t

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A potent transformational tool, The Enneagram describes nine distinct personality types — each with a different way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  It’s one of the clearest, most accurate methods for understanding yourself and others. At a deeper level, the Enneagram also reveals who you are beyond your familiar self. This two-day Workshop will focus on exercises to help you uncover your true nature, a dimension that’s free, present, and content already. With illuminating lectures, music, meditation, and self-inquiry exercises, you will discover: 

  • How all 9 personality types influence your behavior
  • Your type’s gifts, healing attitudes, and wake-up calls
  • Powerful practices to break self-defeating patterns
  • A part of yourself that’s infinitely more rewarding, peaceful and joyful

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