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Enneagram In Business

Create Powerful, Profit-Boosting Outcomes for Your Business with

The Enneagram Institute of Orange County’s Training Programs

Greater productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.  Motivated, well-organized teams and workers.  Improved employee retention and job satisfaction. These are just a few of the advantages enjoyed by companies like yours who use The Enneagram to enhance business performance.  Which companies? Wells Fargo, Allergan, The Walt Disney Company, and Genentech, just to name a few.

Enneagram Basics for Business

The Enneagram is a sophisticated, yet easy to understand personality system, which describes nine different personality types. With great clarity, it reveals each type’s greatest strengths, weaknesses, focus of attention, blind spots, and gifts.

It offers business leaders and their employees a safe, practical, common language to discuss problems, understand one another, and identify positive solutions.  Through this training, you and your employees will discover:

•  How to de-stigmatize “bad bosses, managers, and employees”

•  The hidden, often unconscious ways all nine types sabotage themselves

•  How to empower yourself and others to choose skillful behaviors

•  A clear vision of healthy, positive behaviors each type can achieve

Effective Communication

Different personalities need different mentoring and management approaches.  When you understand the communication styles of the nine personality types, real understanding is possible.  By learning and using this training, you and your employees can:

•  Give constructive feedback that breaks-through defense mechanisms

•  Keep projects on track and on time

•  Deal skillfully with conflicts

•  Implement your vision and goals

•  Inspire an atmosphere of empathy, trust, creativity, and co-operation

High-Performance Teams

Working with a team is complex, because it requires greater skill in communication, coordination, and group interaction.  The Enneagram Institute of Orange County’s Team-Building Trainings help teams enhance performance and realize greater potential.  Using them, you can:

•  Apply The Four Steps to Successful Team Development

•  Create and implement ideal team goals

•  Uncover the secret for optimum synergy between team player

•  Learn to use interdependence to create high-performance teams