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Discover Your “Inner Committee” Through the Wings and Arrows


The Enneagram is very specific.  It pinpoints how you habitually fall asleep to yourself and how to discover who you are beyond your basic personality type.  In this one-day workshop, you’ll learn more about your behaviors through your “Inner Committee,” the Wings and Arrows.

The Wings

Since the nine types are arranged around a circle, no matter what your type, you will have two types on either side of it.  One of these two types will be your Dominant Wing, which blends with your type and influences your behaviors.  The Wings help you to:

  • Zero in on your traits with greater accuracy
  • Understand how to develop greater presence and resilience
  • Narrow down the issues you must face on the path to self-mastery


The Arrows

If you look at the circle of the Enneagram, you will notice that each type has two inner lines connected to it.  These are the Arrows, also known as the Directions of Integration and Disintegration, or Stress and Security Points.  Desp

ite what these names indicate, the two Arrows connected to your type don’t indicate whether you are getting better or worse.  They compensate to bring you balance when you over-do your type.  The Arrows reveal:

  • Why your Stress and Security Points are equal partners in your development
  • How owning your shadow in these points moves you toward greater well-being
  • The “Missing Piece” that helps you dissolve old, unproductive habits

Somatic exercises, music, and self-inquiry help the information to “land” in all three centers of intelligence — head, heart, and belly.

Saturday, August 16, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
CEUs: 6 hours of instruction with 1 hour for lunch
(California Board of Behavioral Sciences PCE #2829)
Vanguard University, 55 Fair Drive, Heath Academic Center,
classroom 108 Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Map: http://www.vanguard.edu/about/campus-tour/campus-map
$90 (CEUs add $15)
1. With credit card or Paypal, go to www.enneagramoc.com and click REGISTER
2.  Write a check payable to EIOC and send to: EIOC, Box 1051, Laguna Beach, CA 92652