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Achieve Greater Self-Mastery 
with Enneagram Life Coaching

As someone interested in personal growth, you probably already know about the transformative power of The Enneagram.  But knowledge alone can’t change you.  You must integrate that knowledge into your daily life.

One thing is certain.  It’s very hard to change by yourself.  Why?  Because most of our beliefs and behaviors are rooted in the subconscious and unconscious mind.  And even when we make a strong conscious decision to change, we often slide back into self-defeating habits.

You have the answers to your problems.  But sometimes, it really helps to have a coach to encourage you.  Ask the right questions. Hold you accountable.  And offer insights you might not have arrived at yet.

So whether you’re in transition, feel stuck, or lack focus in your life or career — and  especially if you want to jump-start the process — Enneagram Life Coaching can help.  With targeted actions plans, awareness exercises, and illuminating meditations that are customized to your Enneatype, you can:

•  Deal effectively with change you didn’t ask for

•  Reframe your thinking and feeling to attract what you want

•  Make small changes that lead to big breakthroughs

•  Live with greater peace, clarity, and fulfillment

Using the Enneagram, we can pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, and core issues.  So we don’t waste your time.  Plus, Enneagram Life Coaching is surprisingly affordable.  It costs about 30% less than traditional therapy.

If you sincerely want to enhance your success and well-being, don’t put it off.  Lisa coaches through Skype, by phone, or in-person. To make an appointment for your life coaching session, call Lisa today at 949-294-2714 or send an email tolmorrice3@gmail.com.

Coaching sessions are $150 per hour.

About Lisa Morrice

A Riso-Hudson certified Enneagram instructor and life coach, Lisa brings enthusiasm and deep commitment to her coaching practice.  Her keen observations and thought-provoking questions help individuals break-through barriers to happiness and success in their personal and public lives. She’s the director of The Enneagram Institute of Orange County, affiliated with The Enneagram Institute in New York.  Lisa holds an M.A. in Psychology.

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